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The location of the nasal bone and cartilage. NOSE CORRECTION DEVICE works with pressure which is exerted by the pads on the device. This helps the collagen that is made of fatty tissues and water to reshape. There two types of cartilage ,upper & lower are were the most areas of defect occur. SAFE and very effective. There are no side effects and can be easily adjustable to correct the problem.

100% Original Technology

NOSE CORRECTION is the new improved versionwith better results our nasal cartilage is a unique connective tissue. It is made up of only one cell type – The Chondrocyte, these cells produces a rich and elastic matrix consisting of a protein known as collagen. Our nasal cartilage is made up of collagen II, a specific type of collagen that is highly reshape-able. What Nose Correction does is it applies a consistent pressure to the collagen matrix. This pressure is the optimum pressure necessary to reshape the cartilage. The high-grade Body Heat silica use in Nose Correction is a material that acts to the heat of the skin -body heat silica; it emits a safe and comfortable level of warmth that you can feel while using the device indicating that it is actually reshaping your cartilage. You can feel it working and you can see its working. This warmth is necessary to soften the collagen and enhance the reshaping process.


Select a suitable position to place the device for your nose. Wash your face with soap and dry it. Place the device on the selected position for 30 minutes in the morning. After use gently massage your nose with facial cream or oil. Use it again for another 30 minutes in the evening. Continue for one full month period for a permanent solution. It has no side effects, however, do not use in the night when you are sleeping.
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